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"Special Private Tours in Buenos Aires" 
                 by Tomás Hughes

 Buenos Aires City Tour 7 hours Full Day

All over Buenos Aires,  one day out of the ordinary  in a extraordinary city

I will guide you do the main areas of Buenos Aires…intensely,  but not just for a picture 

like a historical map in during our tour.​ this will be in a relax and fun way !

LA  BOCA  its old port, the sighs of the first  tangos...unique in the

world for the picturesque,  for its legendary football team, along with his

burlesque and  bohemian past...

PUERTO MADERO  modern and chic… coupled with …

SAN TELMO the hidden ancient and colonial area of Buenos Aires!

It´s the turn of "PLAZA DE MAYO" (MAY SQUARE) As old as actual…

RECOLETA is the last district and one of the most important, so will spend a

little more time! I will guide you, it famous and particular cemetery.

Fascinating for its architecture, statuary and for the heroes & personages who rest there.

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  “Where your excursions in Buenos Aires turn into an experience”


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Mean:  Fun and Good times in Buenos Aires!

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