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PRIVATE   CITY   TOUR  5 or 8 hours

I will guide you do the main areas of Buenos Aires… intensely, not just for a picture  like a historical map in during our tour.

This will be in a relax and fun way !

LA  BOCA  its old port, the sighs of the first

tangos...unique in the world for the picturesque,

for its legendary football team, along with his

burlesque and  bohemian past...

Museum & Stadium of  BOCA JUNIORS

               (entrance not included)

PUERTO MADERO  modern and chic… coupled with …

SAN TELMO the hidden ancient and colonial area of Buenos Aires!

It´s the turn of "PLAZA DE MAYO" (MAY SQUARE) As old as actual…

RECOLETA is the last district and one of the most important, so will spend a little more time! I will guide you, it famous and particular cemetery.

Fascinating for its architecture, statuary and for the heroes & personages who rest there.

All over Buenos Aires, one day out of the ordinary in         a extraordinary city

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BA Tours. Buenos Aires Tours. BA Local T
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