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Local, adventurer and in love with Buenos Aires

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, I been working in the touring business, 

since  2006, being myself a licensed Tour Guide License as well as the Travel Agent.  ​

My passion is in Buenos Aires, unique, vibrant, full of  history,  misteries and stories.     



My idea is to offer a day outside of the ordinary in Buenos Aires, the Delta or the Pampas...               


Since we don´t  travel   only physically.  Stories and sites can lead s to far away places with a bit of  imaginationand a decent  storyteller we can go a bit more!     



Tomás Hughes

One thing is certain: you  will  discover Buenos Aires and surrondings in a

non traditional way and  acquire a rich and memorable travel experience...

Buenos Aires Tours, Experience Buenos Aires City Tour, Argentina Tours. Buenos Aires Priva

  Mobile: 00 549 11 63045950                        

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