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    Ranch Tour in San Antonio de Areco 

BA Tours. Buenos Aires Tours. BA Local T

We depart from your Hotel with private transport directly to the  Ranch (Estancia)  "El Ombu"113 km from Buenos Aires, usually done usually in 1 hour 45 min.

We  will we received with a local

snack and then go for horse ridding

for an hour (galloping is not allow)​

Here our Traditional  Argentinean Barbecue"Asado",  is really tasty!                                                                                                                                                                  

BA Tours. Buenos Aires Tours. BA Local T

If you want a more adventurous ranch tour, I

usually go to one, where the required horse riding

level is intermediate to quite good as a minimum.

This ranch also has small lagoon, where we pass by with the horses...for the most intrepid ones...galloping is allow if you can do it.

I do the barbecue myself,  Not being modest, I'm pretty good at it

The idea is to enjoy the Pampas in easy mode...

Riding, Barbecue, probably a history lesson about Argentina, the gaucho our cowboy and gin & tonics

Please let me know which ranch is your style and  for any question you may have.

BA Tours. Buenos Aires Tours. BA Local T

The -Not Classic- Ranch Tour

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